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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 2133 – Destroy the Files marked sturdy
Soon after, Gu Ning eventually left, but didn’t abandon a medical facility without delay. Preferably, when she found the car park, she sat in a car, required your computer system, converted it on, and plugged in the unlimited transmission connector from the small cameras she positioned in the fake Yang Jun’s ward, then she begun to view the motions inside the room.
In the event it was the truth, Gu Ning experienced associations, so he was worried she may find other research. Therefore, he were forced to figure out a way to destroy other evidence if there seemed to be any.
With no astonish, when Yang Siyuan offered 500,000 yuan, his pal predetermined, but he would only pay the amount of money just after it was completed.
Thinking about that, she started to talk about it with Jing Yunyao.
“Siyuan, actually I didn’t mean to explore this case, but Gu Ning just came. We have no choice, but to agree to the research. Never fear, the outcome would be the very same. I’ll do a rapid analysis to make her a respond.” Shao Chen thought to Yang Siyuan. Up to now, he was still not suspect of Yang Siyuan. He explained that to him while he believed Yang Siyuan was innocent. Even so, when listening to that, Yang Siyuan is in a complete freak out.
“What? Gu Ning went to a healthcare facility? Why have she proceed to the clinic? Simply to remind one to take a look at the case about Yang Jun?” Yang Siyuan questioned. His voice sounded somewhat nervous.
Why would Gu Ning think it? It was subsequently outrageous.
“How do you want to look into it upcoming?” Yang Siyuan have his far better to sooth himself down and asked calmly.
Without the need of shock, once Yang Siyuan made available half a million yuan, his friend agreed, but he would just pay the bucks after it had been done.
“h.e.l.lo Skip Gu, my surname is Hong. I have a great organization cope to speak about with you. Might it be practical that you have a assembly?” a male said. His tone wasn’t very considerate, containing a hint of arrogance. It seemed that he or she wasn’t hunting for a collaboration together. It sounded like Gu Ning hoped to cooperate with him.
At once, Yang Siyuan made a simply call when he complete his get in touch with with Shao Chen.
Gu Ning didn’t leave instantly, yet not mainly because she would check out safeguard the counterfeit Yang Jun by herself. She asked Gao Yi to come. She would hands her personal computer to him before abandoning.
house in the waterfall
Now several cultivators have been concious of the awesome energy in Colaine medications, but no-one believed who distributed this news.
In that case, Shao Chen naturally couldn’t discover the fact. From then on, Shao Chen named Yang Siyuan and explained to him concerning this.
Soon after they arrived at commitment, Gu Ning’s cellphone rang and also it became a weird quantity.
“Sure, Overlook Gu, thank you so much for reminding me. I’ll go to the high school they researched in to look into the situation.” Shao Chen promptly thanked Gu Ning and presented his att.i.tude.
Due to the fact Hong Yifeng came out for Gu Ning, he would head to see her just after he found the capital. In that case, Gu Ning acquired a perception to trap him.
Now, he couldn’t simply let Shao Chen learn about it. He must damage the computer files before Shao Chen went to their institution.
Section 2133: Destroy the Computer files
If so, Shao Chen naturally couldn’t discover the reality. And then, Shao Chen called Yang Siyuan and advised him regarding this.
If so, Shao Chen naturally couldn’t uncover the reality. Afterward, Shao Chen named Yang Siyuan and explained to him concerning this.
What he didn’t know was that Gu Ning presumed it and had already determined the reality. She was sure Yang Jun was sincere.
poems of the great war
Now, he couldn’t allow Shao Chen be familiar with it. He must eliminate the data before Shao Chen traveled to their university.
It seemed which he was required to look into it now, or Gu Ning might file a difficulty against him to his innovator, and his employment could be above.
Gu Ning would check out satisfy Hong Yifeng, and Jing Yunyao would appear later on to hurt or injure him. They might grab him before passing him to Miao Jingjing.
After you have meals, Jing Yunyao obtained a telephone call from Jing Jining. He informed her that Hong Yifeng was out from the cultivation community, nevertheless it wasn’t he who taken him out. Hong Yifeng came out as he found that there is enchanting energy in Colaine medicinal drugs and he became available for Colaine and Gu Ning.
By this occasion, the real Yang Jun began to be mad at Gu Ning. Have she switch him down yesterday for the reason that she already presumed Yang Siyuan’s terms? Why would she want to believe that Yang Siyuan rather then him?
Considering that Hong Yifeng arrived for Gu Ning, he would head to see her just after he reached the money. If so, Gu Ning got an understanding to hook him.
Even so, he still couldn’t truly feel completely relaxed, while he was concerned that Gu Ning would intervene in cases like this. He couldn’t see why Gu Ning managed that. There seemed to be no loved ones.h.i.+p between Yang Siyuan and her in the end. Do she accomplish that merely because she was kind and handy?
Immediately after Gu Ning still left the hospital, she went along to her business. Eventually, it was time for dinner, so she came back to the siheyuan.

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