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Let Me Game in Peace

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Chapter 977 – Absolute Defense draconian unarmed
The Seven Seas Dragon King returned to the under the sea abyss, but to Zhou Wen’s dismay, he didn’t go for those marine palace the location where the our was. Preferably, he joined a cave to rest.
Zhou Wen was overjoyed. These kinds of armor’s defense was definitely an existence-saving tool. It had been stronger than Dragon Scope Armour.
Zhou Wen utilized the 3,000 sword intents. Sword Pill already experienced the ideas with the 3,000 sword intents. Now, with Zhou Wen using the thirteen stances, the might and ideas were actually much stronger than when Zhou Wen reduced along with his sword.
Zhou Wen’s sword strategies ended up good now, but he couldn’t acquire an edge resistant to the brief sword.
It thinks so great not needing to employ a sword to slash at other people. It is not surprising more and more people like soaring swords. It is indeed a skill perfect for very lazy people today.
Previously, she wouldn’t even sacrifice human beings a glance, far less request this type of absurd problem.
Total Strength… Utter Defense… Could there be something like Complete Speed… If I can gather a complete establish, it will probably be really spectacular
The potency of Overall Defense was probably similar to Tyrant Behemoth’s Utter Durability. On the other hand, a single was for offense while the other was for safeguard.
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The time of Total Security was smaller than Utter Durability, nevertheless it was already quite strong. Even top notch Mythical power couldn’t hurt or injure Zhou Wen when Overall Safety was initialized.
The Seven Seas Dragon Master given back towards the underwater abyss, but to Zhou Wen’s dismay, he didn’t go for your under the sea palace the location where the human was. As an alternative, he joined a cave to rest.
The Seven Seas Dragon King given back into the underwater abyss, but to Zhou Wen’s dismay, he didn’t brain for those underwater palace where the human was. As an alternative, he accessed a cave to relax.
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With a considered, the resplendent precious stone-like Sword Dietary supplement shown up ahead of Zhou Wen. Then, with Zhou Wen’s will, it stabbed with the short sword.
What powerful safeguard!
That has a imagined, the resplendent gemstone-like Sword Dietary supplement came out in front of Zhou Wen. Then, with Zhou Wen’s will, it stabbed at the quick sword.
Soon after Zhou Wen initialized Utter Safeguard, he seen that he couldn’t even notice the burning temperature of the flaming sword ray. Zhou Wen endured there and enabled the original sword to constantly reduce at him. At the most, it will only deliver him retreating some techniques with Utter Safety reducing him from getting seriously injured in any way.
Sword Pill and the limited sword constantly clashed in midair, changing Zhou Wen to a spectator.
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Could it be that this continuing development of Sword Product has nothing at all regarding swords?
Zhou Wen came looking at a sword tomb again and drawn out a quick sword.
Section 977: Utter Defense
The simple sword filled up the skies with fire the way it infected Zhou Wen once more. It was clearly a Mythical flame-elemental historical sword. The power of the fire was rather impressive.
“The Seven Seas Dragon California king has gone to check out that person. Even if we will depart, only loss is waiting for us. Let’s watch for now.” Zhou Wen didn’t have a great alternative. Regardless of whether he didn’t prefer to eavesdrop, now wasn’t the moment to leave.
Let Me Game in Peace
Miya was vexed, but there is absolutely nothing she could do. She couldn’t even keep to possibility her living now.
The effectiveness of Overall Safeguard was probably the same as Tyrant Behemoth’s Utter Durability. However, 1 was for offense while other was for safety.
Let Me Game in Peace
“She’s probably shot.” Though Zhou Wen didn’t view the man take Feng Qiuyan and Qin Ling, he could imagine that the man wouldn’t just let Qin Ling leave behind.
“What’s wrong?” Miya inquired Zhou Wen in puzzlement when she noticed Tyrant Behemoth put around the ice-cubes dragon tooth and prevent digging.

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